New York Merchants Leads the way in Complete Fire Detection.

Fire detection systems are mandated by many jurisdictions. Our specialists are familiar with national, state and local fire codes and will ensure that your fire detection system meets their strict requirements while providing a cost effective way to protect your home, business and other assets.

New York Merchants Protective Company is listed by Underwriters Laboratories for the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems and approved by the New York City Fire Department. Our central station is approved to monitor Fire Alarms in NYC and to link straight to the FDNY fire dispatch headquarters.

We provide a range of devices, including smoke and heat detectors, manual pull stations, sprinkler water flow and tamper devices as well as voice evacuation systems. To ensure ADA compliance, our indicating devices include bells, horns, strobes, bed shakers, door releases, and elevator recall systems.

To provide the quickest possible response, our Underwriters Laboratories listed central monitoring center notifies authorities immediately in the event of an emergency, as well as monitoring system performance to detect potential failure.

New York Merchants Protective Company provides full service—system inspections, preventive maintenance, system testing, and system design.

Main Security Surveillance Leads the way Servicing:

Acme Gamewell
Ademco GE / Interlogix
AutoCall Harrington
Bosch Honeywell
Cerberus MirCom
DMP Mirtone
Edwards Notifier
EST Pyrotronics
Faraday Radionics
Fast Siemens
FCI Silent Knight
FireCom Spectronics
Firelite Summit


To Reach a Fire Specialist Call 888-NYC-FIRE (1-888-692-3473)

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