Hold Up Protection

Imagine this: An armed stranger comes into your business or home, points a gun at your head or one of your co-workers or loved ones and orders you to give him your cash and jewelry. What would you do?

Would you remember his height, his weight and what he was wearing?

What if he tied you up, locked you in a room or injured you, or worse?

How would you summon help?

What would you be able to do to protect loved ones, co-workers or yourself?

A New York Merchants Protective Company - Hold-Up/Panic system could summon the assistance you so urgently need. Our expertly designed systems can be activated covertly without raising suspicion or placing you in any more danger. When your welfare is in jeopardy, time is everything.

With the addition and integration of Closed Circuit TV cameras and a DVR a video record will be available to remember all the facts and details that have gone un-noticed or just can’t be remembered.

Let Let New York Merchants Protective Co. bring its almost 40 years of knowledge and expertise to keep you safe.

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